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I believe in songs should provoke a feeling or response whether you feel love, happiness or feel sentimental about person place or thing , music should move you. 

My music reflects me and what I feel most of the time. 

I work to make sure my music doesn’t have you feeling anything other good. 


   The goal, what is the goal ? To make a song popular without big business in control or making all the decisions. 


Will you LIKE & SHARE this song with me and do something big business say can’t happen. 

Friends and Family can make things happen when we are together for a common goal. 


   If you buy or add it to your play list, you will be part of a phenomenon. 

   The last time this happen was when Reddit blew up game stop in the stock market.


So    Let’s Do It Again 


If you are on any of these platforms please search for me and Buy, Like and Share.


Latest Track

My latest release 

Remake of Let’s Do It Again Enjoy and Please Share to family and friends 


Shows this Month
8/13 - Moose Lodge 1558 7 to 10
8/14 - Margaritaville 3 to 6
8/19 - Whiskey Jax AB 6:30 to 10
8/27 - VooSwar 2 to 6
8/28 - Margaritaville 3 to 6